Brandambassadors influencer platform

Influencer campaign platform

With our state of the art influencer campaign platform we trace (hidden) ‘ambassadors’ between our clients (advocates), find influencers, BN-ers, BV-ers en BW-ers, bloggers, vloggers, colleagues and experts. In our search we can identify the influencers, connect, involve and activate on- and offline channels. We check the full roll-out of the campaign from the beginning to the end and monitor the activities of the participating influencers: from the recruitment to the measurement and report the results.

Our end-to-end influencer campaign platform:

  1. Discover and identify 3.000 Dutch and more than 3.000.000 worldwide influencer profiles for the perfect match.
  2. Recruit, classify and appreciate influencers on the basis of the amount of followers, average engagement, activity, influence, profiles followers, themes, current reach, important keywords, named brands.
  3. Check the quality of posts, the value, average activity, average engagement, most used tags and ‘level’ of influence.
  4. Launch influencer campaigns with personal, goal oriented and effective tailor-made campaign modules.
  5. Offers measurable campaign evaluation criteria in the shape of engagement, reach, earned media values and ROI.
  6. Check campaign results per influencer and per campaign.

Our campaign platform offers high-quality information about the course of the campaign what makes is possible to make adjustments during the influencer campaigns. This is the condition for accompanying of successful campaigns.

Brandambassadors campaign platform