Brand Ambassadors, why do you need them?

BRANDAMBASSADORS, experts in influencer marketing & brand ambassadors programs. We realize full impact and the perfect match between your brand and celebrities, social influencers, brand advocates and fans. Authentic brand ambassadorship is of great value for the perception of the brands among large audiences. Therefore there are more and more brands who are looking for collaboration with celebrities, (micro) influencers and brand advocates. They are used for realizing the reach and exposing the emotional value of the brand with their target audience and strengthen.

Brandambassadors helps brands with finding of ambassadors with Passion, Power and Presence. We realize long-term collaboration. Or as one of our brand ambassador once said about the collaboration with a brand: It is a “Match made in Heaven”. By telling unique, authentic and compelling stories we create trustworthy and strong relations between brands and celebrities, social influencers, brand advocates and fans. We activate (social) media and innovative campaign platforms to realize a ongoing, relevant, authentic and engaging communication between all parties on an identical level.

Why do you need BRAND AMBASSADORS?
You need us when you need influencers to tell your authentic brand stories and want to transform (social) influencers and your customers into (brand)ambassadors. With today’s explosive growth in engaging Internet technologies, customers are not only looking to express themselves through your brand but are searching for a dialogue with your brand. And not just for a chitchat. Today’s influencers and customers are searching for a wide variety of sentiments. Knowledge of these sentiments is essential to connect and maintain the relationships with nowadays customers. BRANDAMBASSADORS offers expertise in this process.

How can BRANDAMBASSADORS help you?
Together we create and implement an effective and custom made influencer and ambassador marketing strategy and we develop an environment that brings your relations to the next level.

BRANDAMBASSADORS is your specialist
Our company was officially founded in 2008 due to the search for the marketing grail of the 21st century. Since 2005 we had ideas about social marketing. Where and how can we create a marketplace where product, price, place and promotion come together? How can we implement this new way of marketing? We are looking for the ultimate connection between people and brands.. Nowadays customers are both transmitters and receivers.

With today’s engaging new media technologies it is easy to collect, share and spread information. This requires a different approach. We believe in the power of the influencers, we believe in the new brand ambassadors. For more information call us @ +3120 737 03 28 of mail:

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