The new social media algorithm

The new social media algorithm

The new algorithm rules of Facebook

It is time again for some clicking on my keyboard! Welcome (back) to the blog of Brandambassadors. We go on with serious talk: Your Facebook use.

How often are you still on Facebook? And what do you do? Do you look to other profiles or do you scroll through your timeline occasionally? Do you tag someone in a funny message? And what kind of funny message do you see passing? A family picture, cat movies or news item?

Young people and Facebook

Newcom reports that the daily use of Facebook in 2017 again decreased to the age group 15 till 19 years old. Young people indicate that they do not identify themselves with Facebook. The daily use of elderly has surely risen. What will happen in 2018?

The way we use Facebook, partly by Facebook, changed since the website went public in 2006. I, as a 25 years old, could not propose that I was going to use Facebook less on short term. But I realize, I have been doing that lately a lot less.

On Facebook we see a overload what we call: Fake News. You only have to open your timeline and you see mainly “mess”. These posts have a lot of engagement, but are usually not interesting to see. The posts you see passing by, are not personal anymore. Zuckenberg says about this:

“Where Facebook was first focused on the right content for the users it will now be focus on more interaction with friends and family”.

Beginning this year Facebook came therefore with the message to adjust the timeline by changing the algoritme.  Less nonsense and more ‘meaningful’ content. Facebook inserts these changes to focus more on connections and interactions with the people you care about. This will have consequences for marketeers, influencers and consumers.

The new algorithm

Before 2016 social media was easy to understand. You opened Instagram & Facebook and saw what people you follow posted on time order. Simple was that. But then something happened nobody understands yet. Facebook & Instagram have control about what you see. The algorithm is thus adjusted that you only see 30% of what your friends post. Are you not a friend, but a company? Than is the chance your post is seen even smaller. That sucks. Of course it was a commercial move by Facebook. This way companies are stimulated to pay for advertisements.

Social media marketing is a handy and fast tool to give your brand a personal identity. This year the new algorithm, where the focus is more on personal contant, will enter Facebook. This will have an impact on the media landscape, both for marketeers and influencers. The content of companies become less visible. The amount of paid adverisements will rise and therefore Facebook becomes more a ‘pay to play’ platform for companies. Influencers will have less influence.

What become the new rules because of the new algorithm, we shall experience. I can complete with one tip:

Use influencer marketing. Make sure your companies message ends up at your target audience through communication of ‘real people’.

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