Power of influencers in content marketing

Power of influencers in content marketing

Why content marketing?

The power of influencers in content marketing. Companies and organizations fight for our attention. Wherever you are -home, at you work-, on the road- everywhere you see messages from brands. It is more spraying with buckshots, than a focus on thinking how de consumer can be reached.

How is that possible?

It is nothing new. But with the arrival of the internet the media landscape had changed. We all know that. But what does it explicitly mean to you as a brand or comany? This means that:

– your target audience has a meaning about you and make it sound;
– people discuss about you and your products;
– everybody has access to a huge amount of information;
– it becomes more difficult for your potential clients to find you in this enormous amount of information;
– you have access to data of priceless value;
– you have to use this data to make sure to find your clients!

And that is where contant marketing comes through. With content marketing you get to work with that data. First, you analyse the data. After you conclude and set up a strategy. That is an intensive process, what takes a lot of time. But that investment is worth more. If you don’t have time, we are of course at your service!

How do you set up a good content marketing strategy?

1. Set your goal
Content marketing has to be an extension of what you want to achieve as a company. First look at your business goals. Do not forget to translate these business goals to the different stakeholders where you target your content strategy.

2. Analyze the information need of your stakeholders
To make sure that the stakeholders want to see you, would you like to know what needs they have. How can you add relevant value to them? What are their “pain” points? But also important; what media and channels do they use? At this point you can add influencers in to your strategy. Which influencers write about subjects related to these pain points?

3. Combine your business goals with the information need
At his step it is important to look back at your business goals and information need of your stakeholders. Where do you see the overlap, the so called “sweet spot”? There you are able to add your value!

4. Set up KPI’s
On the base of your “Sweet Spot” you can set up Key Performance Indicators. What i sit supposed to deliver? for example conversion? Sales? Involvement? And how do you determine if you add enough value to your clients? To involve influencers with the strategy it is important that you insert them to achieve your KPIs. Do not be afraid to brainstorm with them!

5. Monitor, analyze and make adjustments
With the KPIs in mind you look critical to what the content bring about. Does it deliver what you wanted? Why does it? And especially if it does not succeed; why not? Do not conclude immediately, but analyze the different factors that influence the end results.

The power of influencers in content marketing

Why are influencers an important part of your content marketing? We discussed earlier why influencers are a good way to reach out to your target audience. By taking influencers in a strategic way in your content marketing strategy, you get even more out of it! Asking an influencer to post a picture of your product is obviously not really strategic. That is why it is important to think about the story you want to tell and how your influencer can play a part in this. She is after all directly in contact with your target audience!

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