Since 2008  we, Brandambassadors, connect “people with passion, power and presence with brands”. We combine the right (micro) influencers and brands to tell authentic and convincing stories. We thereby build on reliable and strong relationships between brands and  influencers with the aim of creating ambassadors. We put passionate people in as the personal storyteller. By activating the ‘ambassadors’, with the campaigns made by us, we create continuous and concerned communication (WOM) with reliable and influential content. .

What is a ‘brand ambassador’?

A “brand ambassador” is not just a fancy name for someone or for a marketing strategy of brands. With this indication we not just give someone a name, but also a goal oriented approach to bring the brand to the attention of a wider audience. We build on a credible & reliable picture of a brand out of personal involvement.

Our method in 8 steps:

  1. Formulate campaign goals
  2. Mapping ‘target audiences’
  3. Select and match influencers
  4. Strategy and creation of campaign
  5. Content creation by influencers
  6. Spreading content trough earned, owned and/or paid media
  7. Measuring results
  8. Evaluation

For whom we work among others:

Brandambassadors | Canon - Vespa - StyleToday - Peugeot - BMW - Bosch - Dremel - Miss Etam - Het Louwman Museum

BRANDAMBASSADORS – Campaignplatform

We trace the ambassadors with existing clients (brand advocates), influencers, celebrities, bloggers, vloggers, colleagues and experts. We use our online campaign-platform, whereby we can identify, connect, involve and avticate the various influencers and ambassadors at on- and offline channels.

With the Brandambassadors platform we check and monitor the entire roll-out and the campaign program; from searching in our extensive database, recruitment, to measuring results. We monitor and measure among others the amount of relevant posts of the various influencers or ambassadors trough several social media channels, engagements (likes, comments, shares) and determine the ROI of the campaign based on an international falsified calculation method.

It is possible with our platform technologie to build efficient and results-oriented ambassadors programs which join the needs of the contemporary marketeers. We benchmark the result of the campaigns based on realised campaigns and scientific obtained data.

Brandambassadors campaign platform
Brandambassadors campaign platform