The power of ambassadors marketing

Brand ambassadors marketing: In our eyes the effort of an ambassador as a face or voice (in other words personality marketing) has a big influence on a brand. Therefore it is important not to let the choice for an ambassador  depend on personal preferences or emotional choices. We believe in a match between the brand, the product and the personality. This match is based on similarities in brand values, product use, empathy and authenticity. Only if there is a match on these values, we can build on succes! Brandambassadors brings supply and demand closer together.

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Ambassador marketing – a particular process

A match process with ‘personalities’ is a careful process. While searching the best personality for representing it is very important to know what the expectations are of this personality endorsement. Does the brand want to connect with a wider audience, does the brand need support in repositioning or with developing a new identity, does the brand want to add new brand values to the brand image or is there a direct sales strategy? It is important to know what the reasons are to choose a personality endorsement strategy and the goal to realise the best match based on this. Choosing an ambassador with your brand could be a particularly complicated process. The brand values of the personality and of the brand must fit or be supplementary.

Personality as endorser

Why do we choose a personality as an endorser? The practise has shown that a lot can be achieved with personality endorsement. The gut tells you that personality have many fans and many fans leads to a lot of potential clients. At first this seems to be an easy strategy but unfortunately it doesn’t always work like that. The collaboration what will arise between the brand and the endorser is important. This collaboration is based on passion, trust, authenticity and relevance. Even if a personality has millions of fans, if there is no synergy or relationship between the brand and the personality, those millions of fans will only feel connected with the brand as long as the personality is concerned with the brand.

Influence on social media

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are a great source to monitor the relationship between the personality and her fans. What are their sympathies and antipathies with the brand, view what or who is trending. Look for consumers who are comparable with the target audience of the brand. Use the existing connections and the fanbase. Personalities are a link between the buyer and the seller. It is interesting when the followers of the personality meet the (desirable) target audience of the brand.

Impact of sociale media

Another measuring factor is the nature of the advertisement that the brand puts in the marketing communication. Next to the traditional media are the possibilities of social media inexhaustible and diverse. Most personalities use social media and digital communication regularly, but there are also personalities who avoid these channels. It is important to look for personalities who already have the skill to involve and connect with fans.

Advantages and disadvantages ambassadors marketing

The advantages of the deployment of personalities are numerous, but there are some disadvantages. For some, the collaboration can be expensive. Sometimes the fee or the royalty for the amount of sold products could be considerably. But also a compromising risk can arise if the personality comes into (personal) trouble. These cases are often widely measured and pass the whole world. This could call up a negative association for the brand. It is important to take this risk in the choice for a personality. The personality has the power to boost a brand, but also to damage it. The advantages do outweigh the disadvantages in many cases.


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