BRANDAMBASSADORS develops successful brand advocates marketing strategies

Brand advocates marketing is an important strategy to involve existing customers by means of active, unobstrusive forms of communication. Where marketingcommunication-strategies such as advertisement, PR and sales promotions used to focus on reaching the clients, focuses brand advocates-marketing on involving and making an inventory of the needs of (existing) clients.

Who are brand advocates?

“A brand advocate is a person, or customer who talks favorably about a brand or product, and then passes on positive word-of-mouth (WOM) messages about the brand to other people.” (bron: Webopedia)

In which do brand advocates distinguish from other influencers:

  • They are considered to be extremely reliable (and also as expert)
  • They are very satisfied about the product or employ
  • They help others with their choice
  • They have a long-term relationship with the brand, product or employ
  • They talk passionately about the brand, product or employ
  • They do not need incentives or stimuli to tell their story
  • They have a micro reach, but together they reach many potential clients

With this we can realize four business goals:

  • Connecting brand advocates with prospects
  • Connecting brand advocates with each other
  • Connecting a company with advocates to strength loyalty
  • Connecting advocates with clients to increase product acceptation, satisfaction and trust.

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