Do you want to insert/hire (bloggers, vloggers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and blogs) for your brand?

influencers inzetten inhuren voor je merk campagnes
insert/hire influencers for your brand campaign
What can influencers mean for your brand, products or services? And how can we help you with that? 
  • We realize the perfect match between influencers with passion and your brand or product.
  • Together we build an effective and successful campaign on the basis of a mutual reinforcing partnership.
  • We feature a database with the preferences of more than 5.000 Dutch and Belgian influencers, BN-ers, athletes and experts.
  • More than 3.000.000 vloggers, bloggers, Instagrammers, Youtubers, Twitterers, Facebookers, Twitchers, etc. out of other countries we can invite them for your campaign.
  • Campaign on short notice? We can switch quickly.
  • In our database they are segmented for you on the basis of 20 different domains in which they are active.
  • We offer assistance with engaging longterm relationships with these people with passion, power and presence.
  • Our campaign platform enables us to set up the campaign easily, to monitor and evaluate the results.
  • Because we are independant, we can put in all top creators, upcoming talents, (hidden) micro-influencers and brand advocates for your campaign.
  • We provide with the development of an unique, creative strategy and techniques what increase the involvement.
  • Our campaigns deliver a high ‘value for value’ efficiency.
  • Using our end-to-end campaign platform we track and realize focused sales .
  • We use gamification techniques to increase engagement and respons.

Do you want more information about how we work and what results we achieve with our strategy? Call us at +31 20 737 03 28 or send an email to