Compliments from Miss Etam

Compliments from Miss Etam

On national compliment day fifteen influencers received compliments from Miss Etam. This day is about giving honest attention and showing personal appreciation. Businesses that are not for sale, but affects us truly. Giving and receiving compliments help to become a (more) beautiful you. Despite, many women find it hard to receive compliments. That is why Miss Etam does not want to just give compliments, but especially want to offer the possibility to give compliments to each other. 

The compliments campaign

Every influencer receives therefore a compliment box with a personal compliment, a Miss Etam card and two gift cards. One for her and one to give away. The influencers were alerted to the Miss Etam complimentapp. Through this app you can make someone happy with a personal compliment.

The fifteen influencers are selected with care. The compliments are honest and personal and are about the way how the influencers tell their personal story. But also about their style, what they mean to others, their attitude of life, their power and their choices.


The honest compliments resulted in beautiful content, engagement with the followers of these influencers and more brand awareness for Miss Etam. 

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