Dremel brand ambassadors and content marketing strategy

Brand ambassadors and content marketing: an unique strategy!

What provides that setting in brand ambassadors with content marketing leads to an unique combination?

Approximately one and a half year ago we started for Dremel (a multitool for the DIY-ers and makers) with a program for the users and fans from this product. The goal of this ambassadors program was to connect this group users with the brand and the products of Dremel. We have set the following goals:

  • creating a lively communication with real Dremel fans
  • inspire and activate these fans to strengthen the connection with the brand and the product
  • monitor what keeps these Dremel users busy and for what they use the product
  • show and inspire community members
  • experiment with new marketing possibilities and techniques
  • strengthen the connection between the brand and products

How do we realize content for the Dremel brand ambassadors and content marketing strategy?

We have set up an inspiration group where current users share their experiences with each other. The following subjects come up for discussion regularly:

  • characteristics and functionalities of the products
  • to be used techniques and accessories
  • sharing personal experiences
  • offering professional assistance from Dremel
  • sharing content on social channels
  • contact with other Dremel users
  • new developments and examples from practice

This group also offers information for the marketeers. This info is collected in different ways:

  • polls and questionnaires on social media
  • meet the users sessions
  • makers sessions
  • introducing new products and services
  • collecting user experiences
  • input for content marketing activities

What can brand ambassadors and content marketing mean to each other?

We would like to talk about the last bullet point. It seems that the ‘brand advocates’ who are connected to this fan community, are fine to set in for content marketing.  These ‘makers’ are concerned, have knowledge about the products and serve as an example for other people. But it is more important that they tell the real story. This authenticity is one of the most important values in the current communication. If we would have to choose an actor or a real loved one the choice is easily made.

Corné Kievit is chosen to play the leading in a short movie of Dremel about his passion, engraving. Watch the video and see how passioned he is about his work and of course about the products from Dremel. A great ambassador!