Interior and DIY blogger together with Dremel
Interior and DIY blogger together with Dremel
Interior and DIY blogger together with Dremel

Interior and DIY blogger together with Dremel

Interior and DIY blogger MyAttic has been chosen for the collaboration with Dremel

Interior and DIY blogger Marije Hessel has worked on different DIY projects the past months where she used the Dremel tool. With the Dremel 3000 she started different creations.

Marije loves making stuff and redecorating, styling, photography, color, vintage and traveling. Next to her work as a designer in the fashion brand, she is busy with blogging and collecting. Her attic is the place where she stores and redecorates vintage furniture and accessories. Therefore her name My Attic. Her blog is the place where she can lose her ideas and creativity. On her blog she shares DIY projects, fancy addresses, second-hand finds and she shows her house what she is constantly changing and styling. Marije is chosen because of her passioned work with divers materials. She is a real ‘maker‘.

DIY creations

For Dremel she developed the following projects in the past months:

  1. Creations of a mirror on a marble floor. The instructions are given through this link.
  2. Making a hanging lamp from a wine bottle. Look here what steps she had gone through to make this.
  3. The mobile pendant from wood. DIY instructions in her blog

Beside, her projects are extremely surprising and creative, her photography and her blogposts are of extraordinary high quality.

What were the marketing goals?

  • Dremel produces to draw attention of DIY-ers.
  • Strengthen the image Dremel is the image for DIY-er and Maker.

What were the results?

To answer this question we have drawn up the expectations:


  • Expected total reach:
  • Expected total minimum amount of posts:
    3 blog posts & 10 social media posts
  • Potential impressions:
    24.000 impressions on social, excluding blogposts



  • Actual total reach influencer:
    50k followers in total
  • Actual total amount of posts:
    • 10 social posts
    • 3 blogposts
  • Actual eyeballs (viewers of the campaign)
    • 48.500 excluding blog