Loes van Delft in #DjangoDesignBattle

Loes van Delft in #DjangoDesignBattle

Loes van Delft joins the Peugeot Django design battle

Peugeot Scooters kicks off in May with the #DjangoDesignBattle! Brandambassadors matched none other than artist Loes van Delft to Peugeot for this Design Battle to let her talent go on their Django Model.

Loes van Delft is “In it to win it” as she says herself. And she has proven that credo more than once. Together with the typical character Pjipje that comes back in almost all her works of art, she conquers the world. From London to Miami, Johannesburg to Taipei and from Barcelona to Amsterdam. Everywhere Loes exposes people fall in love with her art. And secretly also on the charming, talented artist herself. Loes: “I want people to be happy when they see my work. Very simple. Love is the message.”

Voting for Loes? That is possible here! The #DjangoDesignBattle can be followed via the Facebook page from Peugeot.

The winner is Loes van Delft

Fashion stylist Tommy Driessen and artist Loes van Delft were challenged to pimp a new Peugeot Django to their taste and styles. That produced two unique scooters. The battle and the creative process were online on www.peugeot-scooters.nl and were to follow on social media. At Facebook could be voted what scooter was found the most beautiful. A majority of the votes went to the street-art Django from Loes. She is officially honored in Hotel NH Collection Amsterdam Doelen and received her prize by Katinka Bunt, Marketing Manager from Moteo Nederland BV