My Bullet Journal campaign
My Bullet Journal campaign

My Bullet Journal campaign

Search, Send & Seed Campaign

Search, send & seed is an influencer campaign where we bring a product to the attention of influencers. First, we select influencers who fit with the product. What is their interest, what keeps them busy or in what domain are they active. After we invite the selected influencers to be a part of the campaign. With this campaign they receive a free product. We send the product with an accompanying letter what tells the goal of this campaign and the conditions for the participation.

My Bullet Journal

Every influencer has a busy life, how do you get your busy life on order? The bullet journal is an organizer that is needed in life of an influencer. The My Bullet Journal is the perfect book to collect all your appointments, tasks, planning, goals, to-do-lists, birthdays in one book in a creative way. We have invited 72 influencers to participate with this campaign.

How is this campaign set up?

We invite a few influencers with the question if they want to receive the My Bullet Journal package. From the applications we have selected 20 influencers. These 20 influencers have received the package with an accompanying letter with the question if they want to post about the product and where the post must comply. To this campaign there is also linked a contest. We hereby stimulate reactions from the followers of the influencers. The twenty influencers were allowed to give away a My Bullet Journal package to their followers. This champaign we call the Search, Send & Seed Campaign. First we search and select the influencers on the base of their content. Then if they want to participate we send them the package. Next they post one or multiple about the product.

What were the marketing goals?

  • Creating brand awareness for BBNC publishers
  • Draw attention to the new product by influencers and their followers

What were the results?

To answer this question we have drawn up the expectations:


  • Expected number of influencers:
    20 micro-influencers
  • Expected total reach influencers:
    100.000 followers in total
  • Expected total minimum amount of posts:
    10 posts
  • Potential impressions:
    50.000 impressions



  • Number of influencers participated:
    20 micro-influencers
  • Actual total reach influencers:
    96.000 followers in total
  • Actual total amount of posts:
    • 21 social posts
    • 5 Instastories
    • 1 blogposts
  • Actual potential impressions:
  • Actual eyeballs (viewers of the campaign)
    • 53.000