Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal with Beauty Influencers

Swiss Clinic does not just own anti-aging products. They also have a beautiful line specially for skin purification and sensitive skin. The Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal is a facial treatment that belongs to the category micro needling. What is so nice about this product?

Many women have less and less often a moment for themselves nowadays. Working hard, keeping up with the household, being on the road the entire day. In short a busy women’s life and a clear skin do not often meet. Exhausting often hits the skin first.

Swiss Clinic has figured out a solution for this problem. With the Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal you are able to clear your skin in an instant. The micro needles stimulate creating collagen. And collagen keeps your skin young and radiant!

We have created a campaign with 3 macro influencers. In this campaign we have taken a look behind the scenes in the life of women. They explain what good skincare means to them.

Every power woman feels like running out of power from time to time. What is their secret routine or activity to feel like new again?

What were the marketing goals?

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Qualitative content

What were the results?

Before we talk about the results, you find the expectations first.


  • Expected number of influencers:
    • 3 macro influencers
  • Expected total reach influencers:
    • 300.000 followers in total
  • Expected total minimum amount of posts:
    • 6


  • Number of influencers participated
    • 3 macro influencer
  • Actual total reach influencers:
    • 430.000 followers in total
  • Actual total amount of posts:
    • 8