Introduction BK Wokarang to food influencers
Introduction BK Wokarang to food influencers

Introduction BK Wokarang to food influencers

BK Wokarang with food influencers #woktober

Good pans belong to great chefs! And therefore to the food influencers. The BK pans are an example of this. Our food influencers know this too. We have invited these influencers to join the BK campaign. This campaign is in the light of the by BK devised Woctober month!

The BK Wokarang has an unique design. Because of the bulging in the pan you do not have to grab it from the stove and you are able to brag the ingredients with the spatula without messing it up!
More information about the BK Nature Wokarang is over here:

What were the marketing goals?

  • Generating brand awareness for BK Wokerang Nature among cooking enthusiasts
  • Contacting influencers with the BK Wokerang Nature
  • Inspire their followers with this renewed wok pan

 How is this campaign set up?

Raoul & Rigel asked us to invite several food influencers and introduce them to the new BK product. We have sent the new BK product together with a suitable spatula and asked to prepare their favorite dishes with this wok pan. Of course it was important that they would share their experiences with their followers. Also, a giveaway has been added for the followers of our 14 food influencers to draw attention to the BK wok pan. They all got to give away a pan in October #woktober.

W O K & R O L L . Picking a soundtrack to cook with is tricky. You want it to be energetic enough so you can dance while chopping, but it should also put you in a state of mind where you can become fully focussed on preparing your family’s meal. . I don't cook that often, but I've done it enough to know that when you put your love and attention into the meal you're creating, the food inevitably tastes better. . From cooking to clean-up, I made a playlist and it’s a wokking nice one, if I may say so myself. Here are 10 songs that keep my energy up while wokking. . 1. Wok dirty – Jason derulo 2. Wok on water – Milk Inc. 3. We will wok you – Queen 4. Wok it like it’s hot – Snoop Dog 5. You’ll never wok alone – Gary & The Pacemakers 6. Wok this way – RUN DMC 7. Wok like an Egyptian – The Bangles 8. Wok da police – NWA 9. Jenny from the Wok – Jennifer Lopez 10. Wok Em – Yo gotti . Ok now don't lie… Did you or did you not, try to sing those songs in your head, replacing the original words by "wok"? 😂😂😂 . . . #Woktober #bkcookware #BKWokarang #wokandroll #wokkingnice

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What were the results?

To answer this question we have drawn up the expectations:


  • Expected number of influencers:
    4 influencers
    5-10 micro-influencers
  • Expected total reach influencers:
    150.000 followers in total
  • Expected total minimum amount of posts:
    36 posts
  • Potential impressions:
    360.000 impressions



  • Number of influencers participated:
    4 influencers
    10 micro-influencers
  • Actual total reach influencers:
    384.796 followers in total
  • Actual total amount of posts:
    • 59 social posts
    • 14 Instastories
    • 11 Blogposts
    • 1 YouTube video
  • Actual potential impressions:
    742.200 impressions