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Heineken goes viral with ‘heinekenhakkie’

Heineken goes viral with ‘heinekenhakkie’

#Heinekenhakkie goes worldwide

Heineken started on the 17th of May the social activation action #heinekenhakkie. A few macro influencers were asked to promote the #Heinekenhakkie action on Instagram. And these actions are going viral right now.

Heinekenhakkie, what is it?

What is the concept? Simple. We all know the moment you want to open a bottle of beer without an opener. What do you do? You are looking for a table and put the bottle on the edge with the serrated edge of the cap on the table and you hit the cap. Or you ask a lighter. That is more rare because less people smoke. You use your thumb as turning point of the lever and wip the cap of the bottle. The third variant is most common. You grab two bottles, put both bottle caps against each other and use your hand to pry the bottle cap of the other bottle.

Heinekenhakkie kick off

Heineken has among others Yuki from KRIS KROSS, Jan Kooijman, Lizzy van der Ligt, Merrith van den Bosch, Koen Kardashian, Manuel Broekman who boost this social Heineken campaign. Influencers with high followers and the effect can be seen immediately. Hundreds of thousands impressions and tens of thousands engagements. The action goes viral and over boundaries.

First Heinekenhakkie by webcare employee Picnic Supermarkets

The first post with the ‘hakkie’ action has first been posted on Instagram by Quirine Bruijninckx. She is a customer care employee at Picnic Supermarkets and she shows her action at the vrijmibo at the company. Picnic is an online supermarket that delivers the products to your home. It is very likely it has already been showed in other posts but she was the first who uses the hashtag heinekenhakkie on Instagram. Probably, at Picnic, different brands of beer are poured on Friday if you look at the hashtags of the post.


Success Heinekenhakkie

This promotion has all ingredients to go worldwide:

  1. High fun factor
  2. Participating is easy and challenging
  3. Nominate others for the challenge
  4. Top influencers as boosters
  5. Video/stories content = king
  6. Accessible for everybody

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