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Which influencers are still fascinating and reliable for millennials?

Which influencers are still fascinating and reliable for millennials?

Millennials: Who are fascinating and reliable: mega, macro, meso or micro influencers?

Fascinating and reliable, one of the most important qualifications an influencer can get. American research shows that the reliability and attraction from posts of an influencer can be quite different.

In this American research are 1200 Millennials and from the Gen-Z generation questioned about the influence of influencers on their buying behaviour:

  • 42% of the respondents indicated that they would buy a product on recommendation of an influencer
  • 26% of the respondents suggested that they would buy a product on the base of the influencer her or his recommendation
  • Of the respondents, who follow micro influencers, says 45%! that they would be very likely to try a recommended product.
  • Of the followers of macro and mega influencers 30% indicated that they would want to buy the product.

Pay attention to these results from the American research. Here the celebrities are more pleased to take large amount for endorsing the product. Many people and especially young people are aware of this. This determines the ‘credibility’ of the sender/social influencer.  This is supported by an American research into the influence of celebrities on millennials.

78% of the millennials thinks they are not influenced by celebrity endorsements

The huge American research points out that approximately 78% of the respondents have a negative image about celebrity endorsement. And even stand indifferent against recommending a product! This research shows that the millennials are hard to connect with the ‘celebrity’ category.

But not just the credibility of celebrities is under pressure. But also the impression under millennials exists that online influencers do not set the importance of the followers prior. The personal or commercial importance is distrust. Even 4 of the 10 respondents indicated that paid endorsements affect the credibility of celebrities and social influencers.

millennials credibility
millennials credibility

The perfect match

It is therefore very important that there has been made a choice for the RIGHT influencers in a campaign. The perfect match determines largely the credibility and reliability of the influencer and the production of attractive and relevant content. Would you like to know more how we realize the perfect match? Contact us 020-7370328