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The difference between mega, macro, meso, micro and nano influencers

The difference between mega, macro, meso, micro and nano influencers

What is a mega, macro, meso, micro or nano influencer?

First of all the question what is an influencer? We stick to the English definition: “A person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media.” This is a spacious description. To indicate what influencer categories we distinguish, we focus on the reach of the influencer. Either, how many people the influencer knows how to influence. The easiest way is looking to the amount of followers of the influencer, or else the amount of ‘followers’ on social media. We also call this social reach.

We distinguish 5 influencer categories: mega, macro, meso, micro and nano

  • Mega influencer (more than 1.000.000 followers)
    • Mega influencers are influencers with more than 1.000.000 followers on social media. Often you find celebrities such as (Kardashians) and athletes (Ronaldo) in this categorie, but also social influencers from the first hour such as Negin Mirsalehi. You can ‘collect’ many followers  if you know how to produce new or original content. Our Dutch make-up artist Nikki de Jager knew how to build international reach with her tutorial videos within a year.
      • Advantages: High reach. The reach of mega influencing is quantitative high, the engagement percentage is around 2-4%.
      • Disadvantages: Often see influencer marketing in the form of endorsement. Pay per deposit is the standard. For running a campaign is needed a large budget. The engagement percentage is very low, but the reach is high.
  • Macro influencer (100.000 – 1.000.000 followers) 
    • Macro influencers have a high number of followers on different kind of social media channels. They have a high publicity. These macros are often active on TV channels (StukTV) and work a lot with macro influencers. Their method is professional. They often have their own team and spend their time making and publishing of usually their self-invented content.
      • Advantages: High reach. Professional approach. The reach of macro influencers is quantitative high, the engagement percentage is average around 5%.
      • Disadvantages: Because this is their daily activity they are dependent of the income that is generated. The chance is high that the authenticity gets lost and that creating a commercial message becomes the starting point. So the content can lose credibility. Unfortunately passion becomes production.
  • Meso influencer ( followers)
    • Meso influencers are with the amount of followers between the micro and macro influencers. That does not mean they are nor fish nor fowl. Meso influencers are a very interesting group for companies and brands who want to explore the influencer marketing. They have a pretty high reach, are often starting and have an average higher engagement than macro influencers. Why? They take the time to reach out to their followers. They are also open for several collaborations.
      • Advantages: Reasonable reach. Authenticity and relevance is key. The engagement of meso influencing is high and lies around 6-10%. They have good contact with their followers and know who they are and what keeps them busy. The collaborations are affordable.
      • Disadvantages: Less reach and less professional than macro influencers.
  • Micro influencer (5.000 – 50.000 followers)
    • Micro influencers have a strong connection with their followers. Because giving reactions and comments on the messages of their followers is still ‘manageable’, the micro influencer knows very well what the followers expect. This produces high engagement. Some micro’s just started and others choose a niche to make their content (for example eating vegan). Their content is also more personal and more varied.
      • Advantages: Low reach. Authenticity and relevance is important. The engagement of the micro’s is way higher and lies average above 10%. They have excellent contact with their followers. They know who they are and what keeps them busy have value for the content. Barters and unboxing mechanism are possible.
      • Disadvantages: Less high reach
  • Nano influencer (100 – 5.000 followers)
    • Nano influencers are people who do not see themselves as influencer. But they are! Nano’s have a brand or product preference that they would like to share with the environment. They have a passion for this brand or product. Actually, they are brand or product fans. We call them brand advocates.
      • Advantages: Reach is not relevant. Authenticity and relevance are important. The sources are reliable, also called experts. They know the products or services very well and love to share their knowledge with their followers from the immediate area. Involvement is the most important connection. Cherish these influencers. The trust in the ‘nano’ of their followers is especially high.
      • Disadvantages: Less attention to the quality of the content. Sometimes need steering, namely it is not their daily activity.

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