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Insert youtubers as influencers

Insert youtubers as influencers

A new week and a new subject. This week we will discuss Youtube. Over the past time there has been a lot of upheaval about this platform and this caused for some change. Read here what has changed and why vloggers are good (and save) to insert for your brand.

For starters here are some facts about YouTube:

  • In 2005 the first video was published on YouTube
  • YouTube belongs in the list of the greatest online platforms of the world
  • The video platform has worldwide 1,3 billion users
  • Per minute there is uploaded 300 minutes of video content

It seems like it that 2018 is the year of change on the famous social media channels. Next to changing the algoritm of Facebook did YouTube also decided to change some things. The incident from last December was the deciding factor.

Brand Safety

Logan Paul, a famous YouTube creator, went too far with his content. With an account of more than 15,6 million subscribers he was a top creator for Youtube. Unfortunately, it came to an end.

Logan Paul uploaded a video of his famous visit to the so called “suicide forest” in Japan, where he saw a lifeless body. He placed this on his channel and provided a lot of noise. From that moment Youtube realized there was something needed to protect her community against harmful content.

Youtube got to deal with a damaged image with big investors such as Unilever. They threatened last week with shutting down the advertisements on the platform as long as there is content visible of extreme character, child abuse, political manipulation, racism and sexism. Obviously, Youtube will never let this happen again. They are on a t-junction between drawing up new rules for creators and wishes from advertisers such as Unilever. The solution of new guidelines makes sure that creators upload less open-minded video content.

With the new guidelines Youtube wants to guarantee the brand safety for companies. In the field of advertising is determined that there can be advertised only on channels with a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours on view time. The result is that only these channels can earn on ads. Working with ads is for companies a handy tool, because 1: You can target your audience and 2: The watcher is obligated to watch the (full) ad.


There is another form of YouTube marketing than purchasing ads and it is even a little bit safer for your brand. I’m talking about influencer marketing. Because, also on Youtube you can insert influencer marketing and you have control with which vloggers you work with and how your brand is propagated. Vloggers are able to help your brand by drawing attention to the right product with a less ‘obvious’ way to the right target audience. This is possible by testing a product where the vlogger shows in a video how the product works and what it does for you.

Non-dedicated videos work well too. These are the videos where vloggers draw attention to your brand or product in a creative and less commercial way. To let it seem less commercial, they do not dedicate their entire vlog to your brand. That is only good, because the tension curve lays low on a subject on social media. A max of 1,5 minutes about your brand is enought to induce attention and it occurs commercial irritations.

Millenials are very sensitive about commercial messages, especially on Youtube. That is why Youtube asks marketing for a nuanced strategy. Do you want us to help? You know where to find us! Contact us through the chat below on the right or call us at 020-7370328.

See below a vlog of our campaign with Peugeot.

Brands build on trust

Brands build on trust

Research shows: building on trust is essential

IPG, Sanoma and Mediabrands have done research to the trust in the media. Fake news, objectivity from journalists and the independence of the media is taken into doubt. Also the belief in brands decreases. In this research 1.000 peoples in the age of 15-65 year in the Netherlands are interrogated to their trust in media channels and the messages are distributed through these channels.

Social media, bankers and political parties are losing trust

The research shows that elderly are particularly critical. Since the economic crisis in 2009 it is a matter of course that the bankers have come in a bad light. Political parties are because of the increasing openness easier to control and are in the spotlights. And on social media is demonstrated that the messages spread through these channels, are fake or can not be trusted.

What is tested?

The summary shows, that in the research is asked for the trust in concepts such as social media, the internet, newspapers, TV-channels, magazines and a personal variable ‘my partner’. The last one is obviously most trustable. If we look further we see that there is an increased interest to the source of the message. Either, where does this message come from? Is it a fake message? The attention of the source is a sign that the sender has become important (also influencer on social media). And the trust in the channel decreases.

The thesis of Marshal McLuhan ‘the medium is the message’ is being underminded. McLuhan wanted to make clear that the medium in which or on which the information is presented, is decisive for the image and awareness. The research shows that the source becomes more important.

The importance of the reliable source

But with some extra attention to the source and losing trust from elderly in traditional channels we cannot clearly distract that the old media still gains more trust than new media. In particular the different age groups requires a clear and profound analysis to draw these generic conclusions.

It is clear that the importance of a reliable source has become more important in a world where the channels can spread not checked and fake news. To keep the trust from the audience as a brand it is important to keep spreading honest and reliable messages. Or with inserting people with a high degree of credibility and trust.

Our recommendation is: Insert ambassadors and concerned influencers to keep building the trust in brands.