Product testing with qualitative influencers

Product testing with qualitative influencers

Qualitative influencers test (new) products!

Influencer product testing. Why should you let your products be tested by influencers?

In our current fleeting society new products barely get the time to share their real value. Realizing ‘adhesive strength’ and fame with the consumer takes time and requires a big investment. This can be different! How? With inserting persons who have a lot of trust by their potential users, also known as influencers. With testing by influencers you get more critical consumers. It won’t be the first time that they test a product. It is even possible to do this test for introduction. The experiences are collected and possibly there can still be changes. After the introduction date influencers share their (positive) experiences on social media.

We higher the publicity of the new product or brand with the deployment of BN’ers, BV’- or BW’ers (in Belgium) and mega or macro social influencers. This has shown that it is an efficient strategy. Many brands have enrolled this approach successful. Not just the fame has increased but also the trust that the influencer gets from the constituency contributes to a positive attitude to the new products. Success guaranteed!

The testing process

How do we enroll this? First, we select the influencers and advocates to their ‘fit’ with the brand or product.  We look to the profile of the followers of the influencers. On the basis of the prepared criteria we select the right influencers for this first meeting. We ask the influencers to try the products. It is important to ask questions about their personal experiences. Namely, they give valuable feedback, make analysis and criticize the new product for his functionality, usability, attractive design and taste. Eventually we ask them to share their personal experiences after the campaign. This produces extraordinary information.

Influencer product testing can lead to brand fans/advocates

Letting the product be tested by influencers or brand advocates can be carried out in different phases

For the introduction:

  • This test can help with improving the product or defining the message before the future consumers get in touch with it.
  • It offers the possibility to monitor reactions from potential target audiences and users.

The introduction

  • The first posts shall be positive because the ‘influencer testers’ share their experiences on their social channels first.
  • These influencers are a credible source for the followers as a first experience with the new product or brand.
  • The influencers have, because they are the first to introduce the product or brand, the role of  ambassadors.

Investment for influencer product trails & testing

The investment for testing the product by influencers is structured as follows:

  1. base investment (search & selectie)
  2. amount per sent product (seeding)
  3. monitoring the action (trial & testen)
  4. evaluation

For more information about influencer product testing you can get in touch with Remas through mail or call to 020-7370328. He would like to tell you more about the possibilities.

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