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Hoe Xbox games ambassadeurs en gamers bij elkaar brengt

Xbox brings Xbox ambassadors program and ‘gaming for everybody’ together

In deze video wordt uitgelegd hoe Xbox-ambassadeurs en ‘Games for everybody’ obstakels gaan weg nemen om iedereen ‘fun’ te laten hebben. Malik Prince ging zitten met Ivory Harvey van het #XboxAmbassadors-team en Benjamin Williams, de #GamingForEveryone PM, om hun recente samenwerking te bespreken en hoe dat een positieve impact zal hebben op de Xbox-community.


Interessante links:

Join Xbox’s biggest fans, join Xbox Ambassadors 


Interview with Sheling

Interview with Sheling

YouTuber Sheling (25), better known from her YouTube channel Sheling Beauty. Sheling is a successful YouTube-star in beauty and grime. She makes among other things videos about cosplay, challenges, tips and transforms herself into all kinds of characters. Sheling has done a campaign for Dremel, Graziëlla from Brandambassadors talked to her.

How did you experienced the collaboration?

”I really enjoyed the collaboration. It connects totally with everything I do. I used it with a lot of fun and I still do.”

You have received different products: The Dremeltool, the 3D printer and the glue gun. Which product did you most enjoy to work with?

”Oeh that is a though one, because they are all so different. You use every tool for something else. The tool I used most was the Dremeltool and the glue gun because you can use it for everything.”

Yes, because with the Dremeltool you can among others engrave, scrub and you use it for your specialty. Making cosplay suits, how did you end up in the world of cosplay?

”Well pfoe, I was at the Dutch Comic Con one day. At the fair I did make-up for some kind of demonstration, I did not see much of the fair but I saw all those people with beautiful creations and thought how pretty is that and then I started digging in the cosplay. At that time a whole new world opened for me, I thought wow how cool!”

In the cosplay world you can lose your own creativity totally, did you wanted to do this when you were little or..? 

”Haha, when I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist something totally different, usually it is something like a veterinarian or dolphin trainster but I wanted to be an archeaologist. Yes, the passion for Cosplay is actually originated by itself.”


Back in the days were you already out of creativity in terms of crafts?

”Yes a lot, I was really busy with visual arts and at elementary school I loved tinkering already.”

At this moment you are completely in the world of cosplay, do you have any people you look up to?

”Oh yes definitely, so many there are off course a lot famous people on Youtube and Instagram. They really make the most beautiful creations and have already made dozens of costumes. I know how much time it costs and I have so much admiration for it.”

You always make beautiful videos in which you make your costumes,on what video are you most proud?

”I think on the costume of Kida, the blue armor. That was my first real costume, I have seen so many tutorials before. I thought now I am going to try it and immediately I was so proud.”

Is it also the character that appeals you most?

”In terms of character it does not matter to me that much. But it is pure the thinking of such a costume, you can do literally anything you want.”

You videos are always very pretty, do you edit them?

”Yes, I edit them by myself.”

You are completely in the world of Youtube and Cosplay right now, do you think you’re still in this world over about ten years?

”Yes I think so, at least if Youtube still exists. I prefer going on with Youtube and Instagram. I am able to lose all my creativity and I mostly enjoy to hear from my followers what they have left from my videos or that they eventually tried something.”

You inspire your followers with your videos do you get nice reactions on the videos?

”Yes always and that is what I like a lot.”

Curious about the campaign photos or videos? Check her YouTube and Instagram! 


Heineken goes viral with ‘heinekenhakkie’

Heineken goes viral with ‘heinekenhakkie’

#Heinekenhakkie goes worldwide

Heineken started on the 17th of May the social activation action #heinekenhakkie. A few macro influencers were asked to promote the #Heinekenhakkie action on Instagram. And these actions are going viral right now.

Heinekenhakkie, what is it?

What is the concept? Simple. We all know the moment you want to open a bottle of beer without an opener. What do you do? You are looking for a table and put the bottle on the edge with the serrated edge of the cap on the table and you hit the cap. Or you ask a lighter. That is more rare because less people smoke. You use your thumb as turning point of the lever and wip the cap of the bottle. The third variant is most common. You grab two bottles, put both bottle caps against each other and use your hand to pry the bottle cap of the other bottle.

Heinekenhakkie kick off

Heineken has among others Yuki from KRIS KROSS, Jan Kooijman, Lizzy van der Ligt, Merrith van den Bosch, Koen Kardashian, Manuel Broekman who boost this social Heineken campaign. Influencers with high followers and the effect can be seen immediately. Hundreds of thousands impressions and tens of thousands engagements. The action goes viral and over boundaries.

First Heinekenhakkie by webcare employee Picnic Supermarkets

The first post with the ‘hakkie’ action has first been posted on Instagram by Quirine Bruijninckx. She is a customer care employee at Picnic Supermarkets and she shows her action at the vrijmibo at the company. Picnic is an online supermarket that delivers the products to your home. It is very likely it has already been showed in other posts but she was the first who uses the hashtag heinekenhakkie on Instagram. Probably, at Picnic, different brands of beer are poured on Friday if you look at the hashtags of the post.


Success Heinekenhakkie

This promotion has all ingredients to go worldwide:

  1. High fun factor
  2. Participating is easy and challenging
  3. Nominate others for the challenge
  4. Top influencers as boosters
  5. Video/stories content = king
  6. Accessible for everybody

Source: Adformatie

Telegraph interview with Brandambassadors: What earns an influencer?

Telegraph interview with Brandambassadors: What earns an influencer?

Interview with Brandambassadors

The Telegraph wants in response to an article in The Parool about the Youtuber Famke Louise and her income know more about the income of influencers. In this article it is indicated that Famke Louise earns €2.000 to €3.000 per month. Famke Louise has more than 400.000 followers on Instagram and almost 300.000 subscribers on YouTube.

How much do influencers earn?

How do Youtubers like Famke Louise earn their money? Remas Haverkamp from Brandambassadors dives into the world of Social Influencers.

The Financial Telegraph

The online department of the newspaper has approached BRANDAMBASSADORS with the question how much an  influencer like Famke Louise can earn if she next to her artist also will be available as an influencer.

The interview has taken place in the studios of The Telegraph.

Interview Financiële Telegraaf over influencers

Set KPI’s for an influencer campaign

Set KPI’s for an influencer campaign

What are KPIs for an influencer campaign?

Influencer marketing has become an essential part of the marketing communications strategy to brands and organizations. This asks for a professional approach of influencer agencies. An important part of the professionalization is defining measurable goals. How do we determine with KPIs measurable performances of the campaign? Or what is the Return on Investment if we deploy influencer marketing? And how do we determine this?

Determine KPIs for ROI | Return On Investment

To determine ROI it is important prior to the campaign to set goals upon which we can ‘pay off’: the KPIs. These result driven indicators are a guideline to determine what the worth of the campaign is and if this has been successful. In every campaign the question is central: what do you want to achieve. Is it eyeballs, engagement or for example sales.
Below we give a set indicators where we can determine the success of an influencer:

  • Visibility

    • Central in many influencer campaigns is increasing the reach. Did we draw enough attention of the brand, product or service to the followers. How many people have seen the brand or the product. Who have processed the message and what were the reactions. And are the followers who know the product strengthens in their brand/product image in response to this campaign.
    • How do we measure visibility? The Youtube channel provides us with this info. The amount of views is indicated per video. The worth can be calculated with VPV = Value per view of CPM = Cost per 1k impressions. For other social channels, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch we can also continue with these indicators.
  • Engagement

    • Engagement begins to play an increasing role in determining the effect of an influencer campaign. With engagement you know that the followers have observed the message. There is given a reaction in the form of shares, clicks, likes or comments. To measure the engagement we need 2 indicators. De CPE  = Cost per Engagement en de Engagement Rate/Percentage.
    • The Cost Per Engagement is measured as: CPE = total made of costs/measured engagements
    • The Engagement Percentage is measured as: EP = measured engagement/total amount of followers x 100%
    • The costs per engagement can be specified Value per Click, Comment, Like of Share.
  • Trust

    • Measuring the trust is not an easy assignment. For web analysis criteria such as length of time on a page, bounce rate, repeating page views, leaving moments are used. On social media we infer the trust from the degree of engagement: amount of reactions, sentiment of the reactions, clicks and shares. Trust of the followers in the authenticity of the influencer is determinative for the credibility of the campaign. Unfortunately this is only derivable from the data we feature. Research by which we measure the credibility, knowledge/expertise and detail of the influencer under his or her followers is still in its infancy. General numbers are available.
  • Quality

    • The quality and attraction of the content determines if the followers note the post. Our experience is the more qualitatively or more attractive content the higher the engagement.
    • And an additional benefit is that the qualitatively content also can be replaced by the brand or organisations on owned of earned media channels. Pay attention: the content of the influencer is not royalty free and is often bought out.
  • Referrals

    • Visit to the webpage can be tracked using Google Analytics. Intercourse from influencer channels can also be ‘tracked’ or ‘monitored’. This can produce valuable data about the behaviour of the followers of the influencers as long as it concerns conversions and repeated visits. This is a fine KPI to measure loyalty, for example when someone visits the web page after clicking a link on Facebook. Tracking can provide information about a purchase that takes place months later.
  • Followers

    • Did the campaign deliver more followers on your own social media channels? Or did the influencers inspire their followers with the content of your brand or product. An increase of the amount of followers indicates the success of the influencer campaign.
  • Conversions

    • Promo codes are mostly used in determining as on the basis of the post had been a purchase.
    • Google Analytics offers the possibility to set and track conversion goals. The customer journey of the client can be followed.
    • Unique affiliate-links for an influencer we can keep up and measure ROI and conversions. These can be used when an influencers works on the base of commission.

Do you also want to determine KPI’s for your influencer campaign, contact Lisa on 020-7370328. Do you have a reaction on this article let us know.

Which influencers are still fascinating and reliable for millennials?

Which influencers are still fascinating and reliable for millennials?

Millennials: Who are fascinating and reliable: mega, macro, meso or micro influencers?

Fascinating and reliable, one of the most important qualifications an influencer can get. American research shows that the reliability and attraction from posts of an influencer can be quite different.

In this American research are 1200 Millennials and from the Gen-Z generation questioned about the influence of influencers on their buying behaviour:

  • 42% of the respondents indicated that they would buy a product on recommendation of an influencer
  • 26% of the respondents suggested that they would buy a product on the base of the influencer her or his recommendation
  • Of the respondents, who follow micro influencers, says 45%! that they would be very likely to try a recommended product.
  • Of the followers of macro and mega influencers 30% indicated that they would want to buy the product.

Pay attention to these results from the American research. Here the celebrities are more pleased to take large amount for endorsing the product. Many people and especially young people are aware of this. This determines the ‘credibility’ of the sender/social influencer.  This is supported by an American research into the influence of celebrities on millennials.

78% of the millennials thinks they are not influenced by celebrity endorsements

The huge American research points out that approximately 78% of the respondents have a negative image about celebrity endorsement. And even stand indifferent against recommending a product! This research shows that the millennials are hard to connect with the ‘celebrity’ category.

But not just the credibility of celebrities is under pressure. But also the impression under millennials exists that online influencers do not set the importance of the followers prior. The personal or commercial importance is distrust. Even 4 of the 10 respondents indicated that paid endorsements affect the credibility of celebrities and social influencers.

millennials credibility
millennials credibility

The perfect match

It is therefore very important that there has been made a choice for the RIGHT influencers in a campaign. The perfect match determines largely the credibility and reliability of the influencer and the production of attractive and relevant content. Would you like to know more how we realize the perfect match? Contact us 020-7370328

The difference between mega, macro, meso, micro and nano influencers

The difference between mega, macro, meso, micro and nano influencers

What is a mega, macro, meso, micro or nano influencer?

First of all the question what is an influencer? We stick to the English definition: “A person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media.” This is a spacious description. To indicate what influencer categories we distinguish, we focus on the reach of the influencer. Either, how many people the influencer knows how to influence. The easiest way is looking to the amount of followers of the influencer, or else the amount of ‘followers’ on social media. We also call this social reach.

We distinguish 5 influencer categories: mega, macro, meso, micro and nano

  • Mega influencer (more than 1.000.000 followers)
    • Mega influencers are influencers with more than 1.000.000 followers on social media. Often you find celebrities such as (Kardashians) and athletes (Ronaldo) in this categorie, but also social influencers from the first hour such as Negin Mirsalehi. You can ‘collect’ many followers  if you know how to produce new or original content. Our Dutch make-up artist Nikki de Jager knew how to build international reach with her tutorial videos within a year.
      • Advantages: High reach. The reach of mega influencing is quantitative high, the engagement percentage is around 2-4%.
      • Disadvantages: Often see influencer marketing in the form of endorsement. Pay per deposit is the standard. For running a campaign is needed a large budget. The engagement percentage is very low, but the reach is high.
  • Macro influencer (100.000 – 1.000.000 followers) 
    • Macro influencers have a high number of followers on different kind of social media channels. They have a high publicity. These macros are often active on TV channels (StukTV) and work a lot with macro influencers. Their method is professional. They often have their own team and spend their time making and publishing of usually their self-invented content.
      • Advantages: High reach. Professional approach. The reach of macro influencers is quantitative high, the engagement percentage is average around 5%.
      • Disadvantages: Because this is their daily activity they are dependent of the income that is generated. The chance is high that the authenticity gets lost and that creating a commercial message becomes the starting point. So the content can lose credibility. Unfortunately passion becomes production.
  • Meso influencer ( followers)
    • Meso influencers are with the amount of followers between the micro and macro influencers. That does not mean they are nor fish nor fowl. Meso influencers are a very interesting group for companies and brands who want to explore the influencer marketing. They have a pretty high reach, are often starting and have an average higher engagement than macro influencers. Why? They take the time to reach out to their followers. They are also open for several collaborations.
      • Advantages: Reasonable reach. Authenticity and relevance is key. The engagement of meso influencing is high and lies around 6-10%. They have good contact with their followers and know who they are and what keeps them busy. The collaborations are affordable.
      • Disadvantages: Less reach and less professional than macro influencers.
  • Micro influencer (5.000 – 50.000 followers)
    • Micro influencers have a strong connection with their followers. Because giving reactions and comments on the messages of their followers is still ‘manageable’, the micro influencer knows very well what the followers expect. This produces high engagement. Some micro’s just started and others choose a niche to make their content (for example eating vegan). Their content is also more personal and more varied.
      • Advantages: Low reach. Authenticity and relevance is important. The engagement of the micro’s is way higher and lies average above 10%. They have excellent contact with their followers. They know who they are and what keeps them busy have value for the content. Barters and unboxing mechanism are possible.
      • Disadvantages: Less high reach
  • Nano influencer (100 – 5.000 followers)
    • Nano influencers are people who do not see themselves as influencer. But they are! Nano’s have a brand or product preference that they would like to share with the environment. They have a passion for this brand or product. Actually, they are brand or product fans. We call them brand advocates.
      • Advantages: Reach is not relevant. Authenticity and relevance are important. The sources are reliable, also called experts. They know the products or services very well and love to share their knowledge with their followers from the immediate area. Involvement is the most important connection. Cherish these influencers. The trust in the ‘nano’ of their followers is especially high.
      • Disadvantages: Less attention to the quality of the content. Sometimes need steering, namely it is not their daily activity.

Would you like to know more how you can insert mega, macro, meso, micro or nano influencers for your brand, contact us to our number 0207370328 or mail to

Influencer marketing in the PESO model?

Influencer marketing in the PESO model?

Does influencer marketing fit in the PESO model?

Marketing and PR strategies regularly use the PESO model. This model indicates how you can communicate with the target audience through several media channels. Our question is: how does influencer marketing relate to the PESO model?

What is the PESO model and what does it stand for?

It is the indication for the different forms of communication in the several media channels. But our question is where we can place ‘influencer marketing’ in this model?

  • Paid media; These are the channels where we pay to place an advertisement message and by which the distribution of the message can be checked. For example of paid media channels are: radio, television, printed media, but also advertisements on search engines (SEA), advertising on social channels and on channels where the advertisers reward their partners for spreading the message (affiliates).
  • Earned media: The message of a company or brand is told by a third part; a credible source. That could be a journalist, a social influencer or someone with expertise. These messages are created and spread by ‘other’ parties for free. Examples are press releases, reviews from customers and shared messages (referrals).
  • Shared media. We understand passing along and sharing comments, reactions on the message by people (read followers) through social channels. It is about the interaction and participation (engagement) of people on these social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube but also a game channel such as Twitch.
  • Owned media. Passing on messages or content that is spread by the company or brand or in commission by the company through channels (for example your own web page, blog, press release, your own social channels or other channel) where the sender has control over.

PESO model: De position of influencer  marketing

Influencer marketing, at which influencers use their personal social channels to spread the message of a company or service, does not fit between one domain of the PESO model. Influencer marketing transcends the ‘traditional’ layout of the PESO model. In different channels can influencers be used:

  • Paid: influencers are paid to spread a message through social channels or are inserted as credible messengers in advertisements or paid content.
  • Earned: Influencers make by means of tags clear what they are a fan of special brands or products. The placing of these tags are on own initiative and are unpaid. Next brands send (test) products to influencers for reviews or attention in their channel. This is without an obligation to place and is not paid for.
  • Shared: The posts of influencers are ‘liked’, ‘shared’ or provided from comments by their followers. The influencers are in this case transmitters of their personal message and sometimes provided of a specific brand or product message.
  • Owned: Some companies and brands close long-term contracts with influencers with who they connect for example a year to the brand. The content, that they make, is being spread through the channels of the companies or brands.

Influencer marketing takes place in the heart of the PESO model. The ‘authority’ is not, like in the original model is indicated, the company or the brand. It is the trust of the followers in the one spreading the message. And we have seen past year that the trust has been shifted from big companies to people you know and/or trust, thus influencers!

Would you like to know more how we can realize your marketing communication goals using influencers in the communication mix of the PESO model? Call Remas 020-7370328 or mail to for the optimal mix!


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Product testing with qualitative influencers

Product testing with qualitative influencers

Qualitative influencers test (new) products!

Influencer product testing. Why should you let your products be tested by influencers?

In our current fleeting society new products barely get the time to share their real value. Realizing ‘adhesive strength’ and fame with the consumer takes time and requires a big investment. This can be different! How? With inserting persons who have a lot of trust by their potential users, also known as influencers. With testing by influencers you get more critical consumers. It won’t be the first time that they test a product. It is even possible to do this test for introduction. The experiences are collected and possibly there can still be changes. After the introduction date influencers share their (positive) experiences on social media.

We higher the publicity of the new product or brand with the deployment of BN’ers, BV’- or BW’ers (in Belgium) and mega or macro social influencers. This has shown that it is an efficient strategy. Many brands have enrolled this approach successful. Not just the fame has increased but also the trust that the influencer gets from the constituency contributes to a positive attitude to the new products. Success guaranteed!

The testing process

How do we enroll this? First, we select the influencers and advocates to their ‘fit’ with the brand or product.  We look to the profile of the followers of the influencers. On the basis of the prepared criteria we select the right influencers for this first meeting. We ask the influencers to try the products. It is important to ask questions about their personal experiences. Namely, they give valuable feedback, make analysis and criticize the new product for his functionality, usability, attractive design and taste. Eventually we ask them to share their personal experiences after the campaign. This produces extraordinary information.

Influencer product testing can lead to brand fans/advocates

Letting the product be tested by influencers or brand advocates can be carried out in different phases

For the introduction:

  • This test can help with improving the product or defining the message before the future consumers get in touch with it.
  • It offers the possibility to monitor reactions from potential target audiences and users.

The introduction

  • The first posts shall be positive because the ‘influencer testers’ share their experiences on their social channels first.
  • These influencers are a credible source for the followers as a first experience with the new product or brand.
  • The influencers have, because they are the first to introduce the product or brand, the role of  ambassadors.

Investment for influencer product trails & testing

The investment for testing the product by influencers is structured as follows:

  1. base investment (search & selectie)
  2. amount per sent product (seeding)
  3. monitoring the action (trial & testen)
  4. evaluation

For more information about influencer product testing you can get in touch with Remas through mail or call to 020-7370328. He would like to tell you more about the possibilities.

Insert youtubers as influencers

Insert youtubers as influencers

A new week and a new subject. This week we will discuss Youtube. Over the past time there has been a lot of upheaval about this platform and this caused for some change. Read here what has changed and why vloggers are good (and save) to insert for your brand.

For starters here are some facts about YouTube:

  • In 2005 the first video was published on YouTube
  • YouTube belongs in the list of the greatest online platforms of the world
  • The video platform has worldwide 1,3 billion users
  • Per minute there is uploaded 300 minutes of video content

It seems like it that 2018 is the year of change on the famous social media channels. Next to changing the algoritm of Facebook did YouTube also decided to change some things. The incident from last December was the deciding factor.

Brand Safety

Logan Paul, a famous YouTube creator, went too far with his content. With an account of more than 15,6 million subscribers he was a top creator for Youtube. Unfortunately, it came to an end.

Logan Paul uploaded a video of his famous visit to the so called “suicide forest” in Japan, where he saw a lifeless body. He placed this on his channel and provided a lot of noise. From that moment Youtube realized there was something needed to protect her community against harmful content.

Youtube got to deal with a damaged image with big investors such as Unilever. They threatened last week with shutting down the advertisements on the platform as long as there is content visible of extreme character, child abuse, political manipulation, racism and sexism. Obviously, Youtube will never let this happen again. They are on a t-junction between drawing up new rules for creators and wishes from advertisers such as Unilever. The solution of new guidelines makes sure that creators upload less open-minded video content.

With the new guidelines Youtube wants to guarantee the brand safety for companies. In the field of advertising is determined that there can be advertised only on channels with a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours on view time. The result is that only these channels can earn on ads. Working with ads is for companies a handy tool, because 1: You can target your audience and 2: The watcher is obligated to watch the (full) ad.


There is another form of YouTube marketing than purchasing ads and it is even a little bit safer for your brand. I’m talking about influencer marketing. Because, also on Youtube you can insert influencer marketing and you have control with which vloggers you work with and how your brand is propagated. Vloggers are able to help your brand by drawing attention to the right product with a less ‘obvious’ way to the right target audience. This is possible by testing a product where the vlogger shows in a video how the product works and what it does for you.

Non-dedicated videos work well too. These are the videos where vloggers draw attention to your brand or product in a creative and less commercial way. To let it seem less commercial, they do not dedicate their entire vlog to your brand. That is only good, because the tension curve lays low on a subject on social media. A max of 1,5 minutes about your brand is enought to induce attention and it occurs commercial irritations.

Millenials are very sensitive about commercial messages, especially on Youtube. That is why Youtube asks marketing for a nuanced strategy. Do you want us to help? You know where to find us! Contact us through the chat below on the right or call us at 020-7370328.

See below a vlog of our campaign with Peugeot.

The new social media algorithm

The new social media algorithm

The new algorithm rules of Facebook

It is time again for some clicking on my keyboard! Welcome (back) to the blog of Brandambassadors. We go on with serious talk: Your Facebook use.

How often are you still on Facebook? And what do you do? Do you look to other profiles or do you scroll through your timeline occasionally? Do you tag someone in a funny message? And what kind of funny message do you see passing? A family picture, cat movies or news item?

Young people and Facebook

Newcom reports that the daily use of Facebook in 2017 again decreased to the age group 15 till 19 years old. Young people indicate that they do not identify themselves with Facebook. The daily use of elderly has surely risen. What will happen in 2018?

The way we use Facebook, partly by Facebook, changed since the website went public in 2006. I, as a 25 years old, could not propose that I was going to use Facebook less on short term. But I realize, I have been doing that lately a lot less.

On Facebook we see a overload what we call: Fake News. You only have to open your timeline and you see mainly “mess”. These posts have a lot of engagement, but are usually not interesting to see. The posts you see passing by, are not personal anymore. Zuckenberg says about this:

“Where Facebook was first focused on the right content for the users it will now be focus on more interaction with friends and family”.

Beginning this year Facebook came therefore with the message to adjust the timeline by changing the algoritme.  Less nonsense and more ‘meaningful’ content. Facebook inserts these changes to focus more on connections and interactions with the people you care about. This will have consequences for marketeers, influencers and consumers.

The new algorithm

Before 2016 social media was easy to understand. You opened Instagram & Facebook and saw what people you follow posted on time order. Simple was that. But then something happened nobody understands yet. Facebook & Instagram have control about what you see. The algorithm is thus adjusted that you only see 30% of what your friends post. Are you not a friend, but a company? Than is the chance your post is seen even smaller. That sucks. Of course it was a commercial move by Facebook. This way companies are stimulated to pay for advertisements.

Social media marketing is a handy and fast tool to give your brand a personal identity. This year the new algorithm, where the focus is more on personal contant, will enter Facebook. This will have an impact on the media landscape, both for marketeers and influencers. The content of companies become less visible. The amount of paid adverisements will rise and therefore Facebook becomes more a ‘pay to play’ platform for companies. Influencers will have less influence.

What become the new rules because of the new algorithm, we shall experience. I can complete with one tip:

Use influencer marketing. Make sure your companies message ends up at your target audience through communication of ‘real people’.

Brandambassadors can help you with setting up a social media plan and setting up a community. You know what to do. Click on the right below to chat or call us at 020-7370328.

Lisa Giasi



The power of micro-influencers

The power of micro-influencers

A- influencers or micro-influencers?

Maybe you have already notices or maybe I tell you something new today.The majority of the marketeers are quickly inclined to choose the “celebrity-marketing” of A-influencers and prefer someone with a big reach. The thought is that the story or product, through these influencers, reaches a lot of people between the target audience. This thought is of course not wrong, especially if there is enough budget.

That something has changed in the marketing world is since the rise of social media no news anymore. The rules change every day and keeping up with the new trends and tactics is very important. Especially change the rules of influencer and content marketing all the time. What is a good post? In what way do you tell a a story? And when is the campaign and the collaboration succeeded?

Why micro-influencers?

Do you have a wide budget for influencer marketing, then I have good news: micro influencers are more powerful than you firstly expect. They have an average higher engagement percentage than the supreme bosses in this section. An average of 8% engagement for micro influencers with less than 10K reach with respect to 1,66 precent for influencers with a millions account. Per definition: the higher the reach of an influencer the more the engagement decreases. Unfortunately, (still) many marketeers oversee the power of micro influencer marketing.

What are the lessons of today? Number 1: look at the quality of the engagement before you work together with influencers. Engagement above reach is equal to the quality above quantity. Number 2: make sure that you are first than most marketeers and insert the power of micro influencer marketing for your company or brand.

Do you not know where to start or what goals to draw up? Or do you have no clue which influencers fit best with your brand or company? Click on the right below on this page for the chat or just call us at 020-7370328!